Would you like to work in a truly multicultural, fast-growing organization engaging with your favorite brands? Founded in 2016 in Helsinki, Finland, Flowhaven is planning for strong international growth by expanding in both Europe and the US.

We are on a mission to redefine the brand licensing industry by bringing clarity, simplicity, and convenience to the licensing community. Flowhaven is the only brand licensing software solution in partnership with Salesforce. As an end-to-end software solution, we help licensing professionals manage and optimize their licensing operations using the latest cloud-based technology.

As Flowhaven Operations are constantly growing, we are delighted to receive your open application. Here is some practical information about us to help you with the application:

Flowhaven Finland is located in Helsinki. Our Helsinki team consists of awesome developers, salespeople with hunter like instincts and customer success superstars.

Flowhaven US is located in Santa Monica, California. Our California team consists of hungry salespeople, wizard-minded marketing pros and customer success champions.

Flowhaven UK is located in Southend and we suspect that our local sales team might end up rocking more than Queen.

As a company we have priorities. The first one being our team's happiness. e believe that happy people yield great results. Don't be fooled, this is a startup so we work hard, believe us, we really do, but we have fun while working. You can tell by our adventurous company events and standard Friday beers, to give you a few examples.

The other thing that comes from happy employees is positive relationships with our stakeholders. We are truly awesome people so everyone wants to work with us. We build great partnerships and take good care of them. That's why we are committed to building the most reliable and flexible solution in the universe. And keep in mind that we are looking for superstars, not shooting stars. We are building this to last by nurturing our company and our culture.

What should you highlight in your open application?

1) Everything starts with skills. What is it that you have done? What skills do you have? Why can't we survive without you?

2) Who are you? Do you have a passion for something? What drives you? What do you do in your free time?

3) If you forget all the trendy words like ‘team player’, ‘outgoing’, ‘multitasking’, etc. How would you describe yourself? What are the qualities you value in your coworkers?

4) What are your expectations for your next employment? What skills do you want to master, what are you willing to do to learn more?

5) How would you see your future in Flowhaven? What would be a suitable position now? What about in a few years?

6) And don't leave out any experience that you might have from the licensing industry, it's always worth mentioning if you are already hooked!

Let us know which office you would like to be in and what your superstar skills are!


We at Flowhaven are a positive and energetic bunch of people and expect you to be as well. We offer you great co-workers, management that wants you to succeed, competitive salary, great benefits and the opportunity to grow quickly in your career. Our promise as an employer is to always listen to your ideas, concerns and moments of joy. We aim to give you all the possibilities in our power for you to be able to give us all you got in your role.

PS: We love pizza. So if you make great pizza or know a secret gem of a pizzeria, don't leave that out!